Frauen Mayr Restaurant

F. X. Mayr Cuisine – Conscious pleasure

“Not everything that gives pleasure is also beneficial, but everything that is beneficial also gives pleasure.” (Pythagoras)


Fasting according to F. X. Mayr does not mean completely abstaining from solid food. Instead, conscious chewing plays a decisive role in intestinal regeneration. At the same time, enjoyment is a high priority during an F. X. Mayr Cure, which the harmony and relaxed atmosphere in our F. X. Mayr Restaurant also contribute to. Everything here is tailored to mindful eating and your needs during the fasting cure.
This enables you to concentrate on thoroughly chewing and salivating your food while gazing out at the sweeping view of the Atlantic. Our specially trained chefs place great emphasis on creative dishes, using fresh ingredients and regional products. Goat yoghurt, produced in the immediate area, is as much a part of the menu as locally grown papaya. In this way, the F. X. Mayr Cure at OCÉANO not only sensitises you to a conscious diet during your course of treatment, but also encourages a healthier lifestyle beyond your stay.

Well chewed is half digested

Truly healthy digestion begins in the mouth. In order to train mindful eating and relieve the intestines of some of the digestive work, the detox therapy always combines a so-called chewing trainer, e.g. made of buckwheat, with an easily digestible protein supplement. The slower you eat, the sooner you feel full, since the feeling of being sated only sets in after 20 minutes. Thorough chewing and salivating is easy on the digestive tract, as the food pulp is better broken down from the start. In this way, more vitamins and minerals also reach our blood. In addition, the eating culture according to Dr F. X. Mayr promotes the formation of protective and regenerative microbes for the intestinal mucosa. A further positive effect is that the different nuances of taste, aromas and the consistency of food are experienced in a new way and more intensively. We don’t just eat our food – we INGEST it in the truest sense of the word.

From avocado to goat’s curd cheese

OCÉANO’s Mayr cuisine is varied and characterised by local and untreated foods with high quality standards. Whenever possible, avocados in small quantities are part of the menu. They are rich in unsaturated fatty acids and support digestion. The flesh of the native papaya is rich in important minerals and contains large amounts of the enzyme papain, which helps digest protein and speeds the burning of fat. Yoghurt, quark and cheese made from wholesome goat’s or sheep’s milk or vegan substitutes serve as a source of protein.

Teas around the clock

Teas around the clock

Drinking plenty of fluids is essential during a fasting cure. At OCÉANO, filtered water from our tap stations, clear alkaline broth and an exclusive selection of teas tailored to fasting are available around the clock.