WMS Kraftort


The sea and nature are the reservoir and the guiding principle for our medical activities. The results of scientific research and the careful weighing of the various factors that contribute to our health form the basis for our approach. What the waves are for the sea, sleep is for humans. We take into account this and numerous other rhythms that shape and inform our body as all life does, and if necessary we restore them.
Healing is always self-healing. Medicine supports the human being, his or her organism and his or her psyche on the path to better health. In this way, symptoms are continually improved. The impulses and stimuli set by the doctors and therapists are tailored to the individual’s ability to react. This makes the treatment individual and efficient. No two people are alike. Every wave is different.

F. X. Mayr

During a time of great advances in the natural sciences, the Austrian physician Dr Franz Xaver Mayer developed a method of healing as gentle as it is efficient. The principles of this method, tried and tested over many decades, continue to be confirmed by the latest scientific findings.

Based on the knowledge that the intestine is by far the body’s largest exchange surface with the environment, comparable to the root of a tree, the Mayr Method places the focus on the sustainable regeneration of this, our largest organ system.

While doing so, the doctor keeps a constant eye on the interactions between the intestine, the whole organism and the psyche.

With natural impulses through our nutrition and on the activity of the intestines, a gentle detoxification and rapid regeneration is achieved.

Complementary medicine

The key to health prevention, lasting regeneration and strengthening of the immune system lies in our autonomic nervous system. This system controls all the life processes in our body without our conscious intervention. Naturopathy has long recognized the importance of this highly complex nerve network. This is why we use the following naturopathic methods, among others, to complement F. X. Mayr Medicine as a fundamental healing method:
Reflex-medical treatments
neural therapy according to Hunecke, acupuncture, foot reflex zone massage
Manual therapy
osteopathy, myofascial release therapy, Shiatsu
Oxygen therapy
haematogenous oxidation therapy, ozone therapy
Cleansing treatments
colon hydrotherapy, hirudotherapy (medicinal leeches), moxibustion, cupping
Micronutrient therapy
Mineral and vitamin substitution as oral or infusion therapy