Difference to other fasting methods

The medical care by our physicians is an essential element of the Mayr therapy. The diagnostics and therapy according to F. X. Mayr are a holistic approach to the maintenance of health and treatment of chronic ailments and illnesses. Patients will be treated individually based on a sensitive preliminary examination and diagnosis.

Abdominal treatment: This treatment is essentially an abdominal massage carried out on occasion as part of the therapy. It helps to tone the intestines, improve the blood supply to abdominal organs, stimulate the lymph flow and improve breathing. Furthermore, it provides patient and physician with the opportunity for regular consultation meetings which are critical to a positive therapy result.

Bitter water: The bitter water is an isotonic solution which is administered in small doses only. This way, it is easy on the digestive system. It causes the production of bile, and prevents reabsorption of substances from the small intestine to be excreted. Moreover, it helps excrete invasive intestinal pathogens.