F.X. Mayr Medicine

Mayr Medicine focuses on therapeutic fasts to rest the digestive tract. After a sensitive diagnosis, the person is treated and guided individually according to the six therapy pillars.

Have the digestive tract rest with an individually prescribed diet as basis for the regeneration of body, mind and soul.

Bowel cleansing by means of saline irrigation in form of physiologically dosed Epsom salt.

Education about eating habits with the focus on mastication and stimulation of the intestines’ innate ability by means of regular manual abdominal treatments by our physicians.

Substitutions of minerals for a stable acid-base balance.

Practising sports at a moderate level to stimulate the metabolism and cell regeneration.

Self-empowerment to gain new inspirations for challenges of every-day-life from a distance.

Whenever we step back from a permanent pressure to do well, the inner balance can be restored again. The natural rhythm of inner tension and relaxation sets in.

Under these conditions, detoxication no longer means abstinence, but it is rather the prerequisite for the stimulation of self-healing powers. We would like to accompany you on this journey by implementing gentle and natural measures.

This therapy always starts with detailed diagnostics by our physicians which also includes the identification of the individual constitution.

Manual therapies in different forms constitute the backbone of the treatment philosophy. The long-term healing success is thereby closely linked to a proper diet, or proper fasting.

Minerals, vitamins and micro-nutrients are added as needed. In addition, we combine elements from traditional Chinese medicine and Ayurveda with the classic European naturopathy as needed.