Healing & Prevention

A time away from it all according to F. X. Mayr starts with the inner attitude to discard ballast. Once our body has the chance to excrete unnecessary toxins, a state of relaxation and inner balance sets in within a few days.

An individual balance of stimulations and rest is the key for the success of the therapy. To that effect, further therapeutic applications, active training, poultices and baths along with sauna and Thalasso therapeutic treatments are provided in addition to the medical abdominal treatments.

The attuning physical and emotional balance leads to new zest for life, ability to enjoy and increased motivation as a sign of a better health. In the face of stress, depression and sleep disorders, this will allow you to reach a turning point.

As there is no magic formula, our team of physicians will accompany you in doing so with great flexibility and true sensitivity. Whether this development is achieved by fasting or by means of a light but deliciously prepared Mayr diet will be determined in consultation with your F. X. Mayr physician.

The F. X. Mayr therapy is also particularly suitable for non-specific digestive tract ailments (irritable bowel, food intolerances) as well as for allergies.