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Principles of therapy

Whenever we step back from constant performance expectations, balance can restore itself. The natural rhythm of tension and relaxation sets in. In order to stimulate regeneration, the focus during an F. X. Mayr retreat is on relaxation. When we eat less and reduce other stimuli, a state of relaxation occurs almost by itself. The whole body is afforded a rest, often with extended periods of sleep that we experience as a real need.


On this basis, an effective detoxification of the intestines can be initiated with the help of Epsom salts or comparable minerals. The toxins can include, but are not limited to:
• Environmental toxins: heavy metals, pesticides, drug residues, household chemicals
• Toxins produced in the body: fermentation and putrefaction toxins, AGEs, oxidised LDL cholesterol, uric acid, ammonia, lactate
• Substances produced in the body that are toxic only when present in excess: insulin, amyloid, inflammatory mediators such as interleukin 6, TNF alpha, substance P, histamine, zonulin, kynurenine

Detoxification can be promoted through special complementary medical measures while any reactions to detoxification are avoided through substitution.

Therapy according to F. X. Mayr is a regimen that takes place over a limited time period. During this time, new skills in lifestyle optimisation are also being trained. These are partly active and conscious, such as thorough and intensive chewing and attention to satiety so as not to overfill the intestines. In many respects, they are also unconscious, taking place at the level of the vegetative bodily functions, such as emptying the bowels regularly and deepened breathing through a more relaxed diaphragm.


To support the body in its regeneration and detoxification, various minerals, vitamins and vitamin-like substances are used. Besides counterbalancing frequent hyperacidity, these help rid the body of anything unnecessary and quickly restore strength in a relaxed way. Life, breathing and movement go hand in hand. Coordinated with the cure regimen and in line with individual conditions, a moderate training programme is introduced in the build-up phase of the cure. The lightness and joy of movement is the guiding principle for our personal trainers. A retreat according to F. X. Mayr can also be a time of returning to oneself. In the course of detoxification, our returns on investment become clearer and freer, and a renewed awareness and a reorientation often arise on their own.

The six mainstays of Mayr Medicine

The six mainstays of Mayr Medicine

Rest the intestines through an individually prescribed diet as the basis for restoring the body, mind and soul.
Cleansing of the intestines through saline sprinkling in the form of physiologically dosed Epsom salts.
Training eating behaviour through pleasurable chewing and stimulation of the intestinal activity through regular manual abdominal treatments.
Substitution of minerals for a healthy acid-base balance.
Sport in moderation to stimulate metabolism and cell renewal.
Self-determination, gained by stepping back from life’s everyday challenges and acquiring a fresh awareness of one’s strengths and virtues.



Not only look younger, but also feel younger! When our organs and tissues are cleansed, and when tensions both in our muscles and in our abdomen are reduced, the difference is noticeable, on the one hand, in a firmer, more toned skin and, at the same time, in the way we feel new strength and joie de vivre.


A regular daily routine helps the body to re-establish its natural rhythms and is therefore an essential factor for the success of the course of therapy. The individual treatments and regular doctor’s consultations fit into the daily routine in a relaxed way and are adapted to special needs wherever possible. For healthy exercise during this regimen, all F. X. Mayr programmes include free participation in the yoga and relaxation programme.
In the early morning
The taking of Epsom salts before breakfast at around 7:00 am. Light physical activities such as the gentle morning workout “Awakening by the sea”, at 8:00 am daily; or yoga on your own.
In the late morning
Breakfast in the Mayr Restaurant from 8:30 to 9:30 am. The taking of alkaline broth between 11:00 and 12:00 (between meals, alkaline powder is also taken).
At midday
Liver compress around 12:30 in your room. Lunch in the Mayr Restaurant between 1:00 and 2:00 pm.
In the afternoon
Between 3:00 and 6:00 pm, healthy exercise such as yoga, in the Thalasso pool (with hydromassage, or at your own discretion), a walk, or a swim in the sea.
In the evening
Evening meal between 6:00 and 7:00 pm in the Mayr Restaurant. Subsequently, rest and sufficient sleep are recommended.