Effect of the F. X. Mayr Medicine

The Mayr Therapy is applied to improve chronical illnesses or as prevention. This has a number of positive effects.

  • Bitter water and the improvement of conditions prevailing in the digestive tract help to regulate any imbalances of microbiomes, and have a positive effect on many bodily functions and the psychological make up.
  • A “leaky gut” will be cured, abdominal fat reduced and stress relieved. Consequently, the “silent inflammation” and thus the risk of sustaining any of the diseases of modern society will be reduced.
  • AGEs (advanced glycation end products) will be reversed and thus the degeneration of cartilage matrix will be slowed down. The insulin sensitivity and all parameters of the metabolic syndrome will be corrected.
  • Due to the fact that this also affects insulin receptors in the brain, the brain performance will be enhanced.
  • The tryptophan-hydroxylation in the digestive tract will be improved, thus potential serotonin and melatonin deficiencies will be resolved.
  • By reducing the elevated diaphragm, breathing will be improved, the strain on the heart relieved and neck  tensions minimised.
  • By toning up muscles of the digestive tract, the pelvic floor will be relieved and therefore the risk of urinary incontinence reduced.
  • The gene repair capacity will be significantly enhanced.