Preparation at home

For a smooth start of the therapy without any emergency responses, we recommend you to already take some preparational measures for the treatment at home.

1 week before therapy start

Refrain from eating raw food, avoid alcohol and sugar. Also gradually reduce your consumption of ground coffee.

In the evening, eat light meals until 19:00 only if possible.

3 days before therapy start

In the morning, drink bitter water – dissolve 1 plain teaspoon Epsom salt in hot water and top up with ¼ l cold water.

Magnesium sulphate = Epsom salt is available at every pharmacy.

If you are not able to carry out this cleansing procedure due to reasons related to your job or the travel, or if you are very slim or suffer from cardiac arrhythmia, please only start the cleansing procedure after checking into our hotel.

1 day before therapy start

Please refrain from consuming a sumptuous “farewell supper”. Otherwise, you may have to pay for it by suffering a therapy crisis. Please enjoy your culinary highlight at least 1 week prior to the start of your therapy.