Your health is paramount

If you have doubts regarding your current physical condition, and are unsure whether the treatment for which you made reservations is suitable for you, then please make an appointment with our physicians.

Bring along a list of your current medication, current lab results (if available), and recent medical findings. In case, you use a glucose meter, blood pressure monitor or similar on a regular basis, then it must of course be packed with your luggage.

How can I go through an F. X. Mayr therapy? Do I have to go hungry during an F. X. Mayr therapy?

One of the benefits of an F. X. Mayr therapy as opposed to other therapies is the support and supervision by a physician. The combination of proper chewing habits and a sensible use of minerals reduces the sensation of hunger to a minimum. The physician can also help to promote a proper response to the sensation of hunger. In addition, the therapy takes place in an environment defined by regulated daily routines, support from other patients/guests and staff, and relatively few “temptations”. And all this surrounded by spectacular nature between powerful waves of the ocean and the volcanic mountains. These are perfect conditions for undergoing an F. X. Mayr therapy successfully.

What is the medically reasonable duration of an F. X. Mayr therapy?

As each body responds to the therapy at different rates, a period of 14 days is recommended from a medical point of view. For shorter stays, it is not guaranteed that the body is regenerated for the long term.

Can I do an F. X. Mayr therapy if I suffer from allergies and / or intolerances?

The F.X. Mayr therapy takes into account food intolerances and allergies. As a matter of fact, certain food intolerances may actually be significantly corrected with the therapy.

Is an F. X. Mayr therapy also possible for vegetarians or vegans?

It is also possible for vegetarians and vegans to undergo the F. X. Mayr therapy. The food selection is significantly restricted as a result. However, as monotony is one of the principles in a F. X. Mayr therapy, there is nothing to stop vegans or vegetarians from undergoing a F.X. Mayr therapy.

What clothes do I need to bring to an F. X. Mayr therapy?

Hiking clothes, sportswear, swimwear, casual sporty-elegant clothes

Will I lose weight with an F. X. Mayr therapy?

Losing weight is not a focus during this therapy. For very slim patients it is actually a goal to undergo the Mayr therapy without losing weight. However, if losing weight is a focus for you, this therapy is still suitable for you. Losing weight depends on many factors: the body itself, the amount of exercise, the therapy stage, the metabolic rate, hormones and, very significantly, the overall attitude towards the therapy.

I have health problems. Can I still do an F. X. Mayr therapy?

Even with health problems, it is generally okay to undergo the F. X. Mayr therapy. However, there are exceptions. Therefore, it is part of the discussion during the preliminary examination. During this consultation, the type, stages and programme of the therapy are being discussed and determined. If you are unsure, please feel free and contact us in advance by email or send us the completed questionnaire. Most of the time, a decision can already be made based on this information whether the therapy is good for you or not.

Are preliminary examinations and/ or laboratory results necessary for the F. X. Mayr therapy?

Based on the preliminary examination (internistic, cardiologic, gynaecologic, etc.) and lab studies, the physician is able to already get a picture about your personal situation. If possible, the studies should not be older than 6 months. Of course, certain examinations can also be carried out on site.